Medical Assistant Salary Information

One of the questions I have been hearing from a lot of people lately that are pursuing a career in the medical field is, “How much can I expect to earn for a medical assistant salary?” While I understand where the question comes from, there is so much more that the medical industry has to offer than just a medical assistant salary.

First, it should be said that medical assistants do earn some very respectable wages in the marketplace, but certainly that cannot be the primary reason someone would consider entry to the field. One of the things I would personally place above importance relative to the high medical assistant salary is the feeling of fulfillment one can receive from having such a highly valuable impact on the health and well being of others.

According to a nationwide survey of Medical Assistants, the pay scale of an average medical assistant is between 10.55 to 15.75 per hour. Keep in mind, these figures are simply general guidelines that only serve to give you a hint of what is possible. Factors such as experience, training, and location of practice play a huge role in determining your final salary. For example, medical assistants practicing in the state of California get paid an average of $14.35 an hour, while a medical assistant practicing in Wyoming will generally get a lower pay. The average annual salary a medical assistant could expect to earn in the United States is between $22,806 – $31,196 per year.

While certainly we all get jobs partially to pay the bills, and ensure we can meet our monthly financial obligations, I believe that if projected income levels are the main reason anyone enters a field that is a recipe for disaster. To really feel fulfilled in the workplace one has to garner more than simply a high medical assistant salary.

So what might you expect to do with yourself as a medical assistant that’s worth more than a medical assistant’s salary? Healing people is a great place to start. Obviously medical assistants don’t play the major role in health care decisions, or treatment options, but they definitely play a big part in the overall quality of health care people receive. And don’t be surprised to hear that a lot of medical assistants eventually take a step up to nursing, and some even become doctors.

And what exactly are some typical work-duties associated with being a medical assistant anyway? Medical assistants perform a variety tasks both clerical, and wellness oriented. The specific tasks you might perform as a medical assistant will vary by office, but some common tasks include:

  • Patient and lab prep work
  • Maintaining records
  • Answering Phones
  • Simple Patient Analysis Procedures – checking weight, blood pressure, etc…
  • Bandage Simple Wounds

Of course the above is not a comprehensive list of possible activities you might engage in as a medical assistant, but it serves as a nice basic list to help anyone who may be considering entering the field of medicine as a medical assistant. You might want to consider that list though prior to simply getting into this line of work because you expect a high medical assistant salary.

So if you have been seriously considering a career as a medical assistant, I say go for it, but don’t do it only because your expect to make a lot of money due to the higher than average income levels associated with a typical medical assistant salary. Do it for the joy of helping people. Do it to make a difference in your world, and the community. Do it to contribute to the greater of the people around you. Who knows, you might just find the rewards of being a medical assistant to be far greater than just financial.

Interesting, no? Who knew medical assistants pay could be so diverse and vary so much from state to state. However, salaries is just ONE point to consider when thinking about a career change.

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