Medical Assistant Job Description

Certified medical assistants are trained individuals who work in a wide variety of settings. They often aid physicians and nurses by performing administrative tasks and handling basic duties within the clinical setting. They work in doctors offices, medical clinics, hospitals, and basically at any medical facility. They play a vital role in keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently. The certified medical assistant job description changes from office to office. Certified medical assistants in one health facility may work on medical records, bookkeeping, and answering phone calls. In other settings, they may exclusively do patient and laboratory work. In the majority of medical settings and offices, the medical assistant job description only calls for handling the front desk and administrative tasks.

In certain states, certified medical assistants assist and help doctors examine and treat patients. They are often assigned to complete tasks such as; checking the patients height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure. They are sometimes called upon to complete simple laboratory tests and writing down the patients medical history. In certain cases, they answer patients questions regarding medicines and post care treatment plans. Among the man tasks included in a certified medical assistants job description, include applying bandages, taking x-rays, and in some cases, perform injections. Another common task performed by medical assistants is taking electrocardiograms, which is to measure the electrical impulses of the heart.
In addition, some certified medical assistants are specially trained in a given area like ophthalmology, optometry, or podiatry. In these roles, the medical assistants provide valuable, experienced help to the doctor and office at large by working with patients. For instance, an ophthalmic medical assistant helps test patients eye function and instruct them in proper care for contact lenses, and they also administer eye medications under the supervision and guidance of an ophthalmologist. Similarly, a podiatric medical assistant can help podiatrists in surgery and make X-rays of patients.

A medical assistant, in other words, is a trained professional able to be used in a variety of ways within a medical office. So if you ever wondered “what is a certified medical assistant job description?”, the answer is – a little bit of everything. Like an all-purpose tool, the office couldn’t get along without them.

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