Medical Assistant Certification

Qualifications: Although there is no real requirement for formal education, almost all employers look for “qualified individuals”. In the eyes of an employer the minimum qualification would be a high school diploma, and specialized training through a vocational school.

Training and Education: The medical field is extremely competitive. You want to ensure you receive the best education possible, to ensure the best pay. There are a couple types of program available for you to choose from. There is the 1 year program and the 2 year program. In addition, many would choose to go through an extended learning program to specialize in a certain field, examples would be ophthalmic medical assistants, optometrist assistants, and podiatrist assistants.

One Year Program: The one year program is an introductory program that will cover courses in anatomy, medical terminology, physiology, clerical training, bookkeeping, recording, filing of insurance paperwork. After the completion of the one year program you will be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion.

Two Year Program: With the two year program, you can have your complete medical assistant certification. Courses include, anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, laboratory overviews, diagnostic procedures, pharmaceutical principles, administration of medications, first aid, bookkeeping, clerical duties. There will also be a focus around patient care, patient relations, medical laws, and codes of ethics. In the two year program you will also have the option to participate in an accredited program that will allow you to have an internship at a physician’s office.

Training: Training is mainly done on the job, no formal training is required, however, it is preferred. For advanced procedures, such as x-rays, injections or laboratory work, extra courses are required.

As you can see, the training and path to become a certified medical assistant is neither long, nor difficult. A recent study on people who when through medical assistant certification reveals that the majority of them are elated and feel very fullfilled with their chosen profession. In conclusion, whether or not you decide to get your medical assistant certification, there are many different paths and options you have to achieve your goals.

As you now know, getting your medical assistant certification is not as easy as once thought! Feel free to browse around our website to learn even more!